CleverLabs is an international full-cycle Boutique Software Engineering company building world-class software solutions for industry leaders. Our company is trusted by long-term US customers bringing technologies and innovations to make business more profitable and sustainable. We are the High Tech Park resident and recognized to be one of the top quality software development companies.
Focus Areas
We deliver globally high-end full-stack software development and engineering, tech consulting, QA and testing, DevOps, maintenance and support services. Our dedicated team of certified engineers offers high quality, cost-effective, perfectly organized and timely digital solutions' development addressing vital digital transformation needs of businesses and startups in Insurtech, eCommerce, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain, Fintech and Blockchain technology.


Sales Office

+1 385 237-5028
3556 S 5600 W, Suite #1-1121
Salt Lake City, UT 84120


Sales Representative


Development Center

+375 29 294-7044
Tolbuhina Str. 2, Minsk, 220012
Hi-Tech Park Resident
Customers' voices
In early 2016 Decisely made the strategic decision to contract with CleverLabs. We feel we made the right decision in selecting CleverLabs. They work very hard to meet our deliverables. Decisely considers CleverLabs an invaluable partner for years to come.
Richard Mann
Chief Product Officer
Essental Hub has been CleverLabs customer since 2017. We still are very delighted with software development services they provide us with. We would not hesitate to recommend CleverLabs to any company looking for top-notch development services.
Ryan Warnick
Chief Technical Officer