We offer our expertise and successful experience developing profitable high-end digital solutions for insurance businesses and online brokerage systems.

We specialise in developing high-load integrated web platforms with smart back-end systems and EDI for insurtech industry leaders, automating insurance and benefits brokerage, HR services, healthcare benefits, recruiting, onboarding, compliance, payrolling, retirement benefits and more.

Supply Chain

Seamless experience and expertise in the supply chain management allow us to maximize your business effects.

We deliver intelligence-driven high-load digital solutions and smart integrations, automating goods’ ordering, shipping and delivery services for retailers, shipping, transportation and logistics companies. Our products provide scalability and agility, reduced operational costs, easy inventory management, enhanced real time collaboration, predictive analytics, tracking and advanced control options, enforced by solid integrations.

We develop smart data-driven and adaptive B2B/B2C eCommerce solutions seamlessly integrated with Amazon Web Services, Shopify, Magento, ERP and CRM systems, user friendly, with the shortest time-to-market, business analytics and secure transactions to maximize your eCommerce profits.
We develop healthcare software for HRM, patient data privacy management, EHR/EMR systems integrations, confidential health information encryption and secured exchange platforms, EDI for optimizing medical documents management, analytics for clinical decision making.

Possessing expertise in fintech we deliver our customers productive and solid financial software whether they need the infrastructure-based technology software, platformification and open application programming interfaces (APIs), CRM web systems, or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enabling greater agility, efficiency, and accuracy.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

We provide full scope of technical services of blockchain development and implementation for businesses looking to design, build and launch innovative software solutions using the blockchain latest technologies and frameworks. We help to understand where and how your business can utilise blockchain to advance and stay ahead of the competition.