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Solution architecture based on AWS

Solution architecture based on AWS
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Solution architecture based on AWS
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to increase the speed of content loading.
System logs contain massive amounts of information that can help enhance the system, avoid bottlenecks and provide error correction. In order to increase awareness and control of the system processes we use systems of aggregating, processing and analyzing logs (ELK stack).
Uploadable data, assets and others entities are stored on the object storage service (Amazon S3). Together with CDN it provides better accessibility of the resources.
PostgreSQL is used as core storage. Redis is used to increase throughput and reduce latency. Each application instance has its own DB to provide high performance. Replication between the servers is supported.
A few application servers allow to achieve greater accessibility for users. Load Balancer provides balance between them so it makes the application highly available at all times handling quick changes in the network traffic. Application instances could be physically in different locations to boost the response time for users.
The number of servers may vary depending on the application load. This is important both in terms of providing the application scalability and in terms of the system resources costs.
Rollbar is an error monitoring and notification service. Errors happen in each application that is why it's crucial to be notified about them in order to fix them in a timely manner.

Our DevOps process

Our DevOps process Our DevOps process