IT consulting
No matter what you want to do, to add a new feature or to create a new system from a shiny idea -- you need an expert who could formalize and pass it to developers.
CleverLabs is ready to help you at any of the steps of your product lifecycle with technological knowledge and expertise in many fields.
Application Development
Say no more! Application Development is something that we love and are passionate about. We would like to offer you our knowledge and resources to satisfy your business needs.
CleverLabs is ready to go all the way with you, starting with an idea and finishing with a user-ready full-featured application.
QA and Testing
Testing does matter. It's important to develop new valuable features but months of work could turn to ashes without ensuring that it works correctly in many cases.
Don't worry, CleverLabs has a QA team which could find even the most difficult bugs in our system and cooperate with developers to fix them.
Systems Integration
No man is an island. In a modern world you can't create everything from scratch. There are dozens of companies which are experts in some particular field: banking processing, email sending, data collecting etc
CleverLabs offers all its power to easily connect your business with others to get maximum benefits from such cooperation.
DevOps is a set of software development practices that combines software development and operations to shorten the systems development life cycle.
CleverLabs appreciates your time and prefers to meet your business needs as fast as possible, so that is why we adopt modern DevOps technologies and offer you to use them with us.
Maintenance and Support
It's always enjoyable to create a new system but sometimes you need to make some tweaks in a good existing system with a good history.
CleverLabs engineers have great experience in working and improving existing code which we are ready to use for your needs.